Provide more services to customers
It is very easy to manage your account using our platform.
As our client, you can access your own encrypted customers center, where you can securely execute all margin-in and out process.
Online payment
As long as you have a bank card or credit card with the logo "UnionPay" and has gone through the formalities of online transfer business at the card-issuing bank, you can transfer the money to our account through the online payment platform.

Capital security
Authoritative certification ensures transaction security, independent accountants audit daily to protect capital security, and ISO information security certification escorts network security.

Independent internal control

Each organization under the Group has an independent monitoring department, which continuously monitors the operation of each department, including deposits, withdrawals and account balances. They are needed to be reviewed and recorded by the settlement and accounting departments, and all transaction vouchers are kept. Customers can clearly look it up in statements, online account inquiries or trading platforms.

Independent external audit

Internationally renowned accounting firms and law firms have been hired as independent auditors and legal advisers to regularly provide professional advice on the internal process and operation of various institutions under Hantec Group. The confidentiality of clients' funds and personal data are fully protected.


The customer can withdraw the available funds from his trading account or close the account anytime, provided that the beneficiary of the withdrawal must be the customer himself. Withdrawal from a third party is not accepted to ensure the safety of clients' funds.

According to the requirements of anti-money laundering regulations, all funds deposited or transferred to trading accounts must stay at least seven working days before withdrawals or internal transfers can be carried out.  A working day here is defined as a "bank working day" in Hong Kong.  Customers' withdrawals can only be remitted to their bank account of the origin of funds.

When customers who deposit money online through the payment platform handle withdrawals, the total transaction margin must reach 50% or more of the total deposit, or otherwise Hantec shall charge 5% of the total deposit as an administrative fee.

Deposit in HMLV immediately in a simple and safe way

Log in the client center and use the above deposit way. Click the button to learn more.